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Healthy, Preservative
Free Meals by Little Angels!

Fresh meals, nurturing futures! 

At Little Angels Food Service we specialize in providing healthy, quality, preservative-free food for school-aged children and seniors. Our dishes are designed by expert nutritionists and meet USDA Food Program standards.

Learn about our menu and request a quote today to bring the best food to your employees and customers.


Specialized Offerings

Food Specialist:

Customized meal plans catering to

specific dietary needs


Executive Service:

Premium catering services with

high-quality plates and utensils

Long-term & Short-term Services: Flexible meal plans available from daily

to yearly


Senior Nutritional Program:

Tailored meals for seniors with

USDA approval

Daycare Program:

Providing breakfast, lunch, and snacks with USDA-approved menus


School Charter Breakfast/Lunch: Nutritious meals for Elementary and High School students, meeting USDA standards

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