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We pride ourselves in providing great quality meals to a variety of customers therefore we have services that can meet everyone’s needs. For each service we provide different menus for your choosing and services can be tailored to your needs.

Food Specialist:


In the Food Specialist Service we are able to tailor the food to any needs, whether you are on a diabetic diet, gluten free diet, no salt diet, etc.


We offer long-term or short term service:


As a long-term service we are able to provide you with meals for as much as 365 days of the year. As a short-term service we can provide you a day worth of meals, or maybe you need two weeks’ worth of meals.

Whether it is long or short-term we can provide you meals Monday thru Friday or Monday thru Sunday. This program is completely tailored to your needs and all meals are individually packaged.

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Daycare Program:


In the Daycare program we provide breakfast, lunch, and snack.

This service is also offered to Childcare and Home Based daycares.


If needed, we also provide sack lunches for field trips and all of our menus are approved by the USDA Food Program.


Executive Service:


In the Executive Service we are able to cater meals to the most exquisite taste buds.

We understand that large corporations and business demand the best quality of foods and services therefore as Executive Service we provide the highest quality of plates, eating utensils, and napkins. Whether it’s a board meeting or company dinner we can accommodate the catering to your needs.

For Executive Service we offer Buffet Style & Individual packaging catering.


Senior Nutritional Program:


For the Senior Nutritional Program we are able to provide individual packaged meals tailored to every senior.

Just like our Daycare program, the Senior Nutritional Program menu is also approved by the USDA Food Program.


School Charter Breakfast/Lunch:


For the School Charter Breakfast/Lunch we provide this service Monday thru Friday and we are also able to provide the meals for Elementary and High School students.  And our menus are approved by the USDA Food Program.  

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